A presence on the web is an important and essential innovation for the Asia Pacific region which is so geographically vast that travel and communication in general are prohibitively expensive. Often when local, regional and Federation conferences seminars or workshops are held, the very people who should be attending cannot because of distance, cost of travel and time commitment. This APF web portal provides a platform from which we can more effectively achieve WPSA objectives - furthering knowledge in poultry to all sectors of the poultry industry. As a platform the site has the potential to be a great resource but only if it is used.

To make the progress we often just talk about, we all need to work together. The APF must work more closely with industry and vice versa. As a first step, APF is offering opportunities for industry to become more involved through sponsorship. Sponsorship from businesses in Asia and the Pacific will be the key that opens the door to greater cooperation between science and industry. Together these sectors can do much more to progress poultry production in the region.

A variety of very affordable and creative sponsorship packages are available. To find out more about these please click hereor navigate to “How to become a sponsor” using the site menu.