Event Rules and Protocols

Associated with the APF General Meeting and APF Working Group Meetings are a set of Protocols. The purpose of these is to standardize procedures such as decision making on hosting and venue of the next conference or meeting.

Procedure for Bidding for Hosting Rights of the next APPC     (1st Draft rules )

1. Notification

A branch wishing to bid for hosting rights shall notify the APF President or Secretary of their intention, no later than two weeks before the first day of the current APPC.

2. Acknowledgement

The APF President or Secretary shall immediately acknowledge any such notification.

3. Preparation of Bid

The bidding branch shall prepare a bid document (eg written, electronic, PowerPoint, video etc) for presentation at the APF meeting during the current APPC.

The bid shall include outlines of the venue, proposed time of year, cost expectation, ease of travel to venue, proposed programme structure and anything else the branch sees as informative for members of the APF committee who will be selecting the winning bid by voting.

4. Advising Presentation Requirements

The bidding branch shall advise the APF President or Secretary and the current APPC organising committee of any specific needs for the presentation of its bid at the APF meeting. (eg, data projector, screen)

5. Presentation

Each bidding branch shall be allocated an equal amount of time during the APF committee meeting to present its bid.

6. Selection of winning bid by Ballot

If there is only one bid, no ballot will be necessary

If there is more than one bid, each branch shall compete with other bidding branches in a voting process by secret ballot.

If there are two bids, the winning bid shall be the bid with the most valid votes. If both bids receive exactly the same number of valid votes (i.e. 50% each), the winner shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

If there are three or more bids, the winning bid must receive more than 50% of all valid votes cast. If this is not achieved in the first ballot, the bid with the lowest number of valid votes will be removed from a second ballot. If the bid with the most votes still does not receive more than 50% of the valid votes cast, then the process described above shall be repeated, i.e.; the bid with the lowest number of valid votes shall be removed and a third secret ballot shall be taken. This process will continue until one bid receives more than 50% of the valid votes cast.

The result shall be made known to the meeting when the voting process has been completed.

7. Announcement to APPC

The branch which has won the right to host the next APPC will be introduced during the closing ceremony of the current APPC and shall be allocated time to make a short presentation.


(AMG 02/11)